Simple. Powerful. Flexible.

Those three words are, in my opinion, what makes WordPress such a popular content management system (CMS) and the reason it currently powers at least 35% of all websites on the internet.


When I say simple, I mean simple to learn. My clients love WordPress because they can easily learn how to use the tools WordPress provides.


WordPress comes with many tools out-of-the-box, but extra functionality can be added by installing an existing plugin or developing a custom plugin.


WordPress may have started out as blogging software, but today it is a flexible CMS that can be used for any kind of web application you can imagine.

An overview of the services I offer

My goal here is to provide a broad overview of the WordPress services I offer. If you don't see a service you are looking for, please request a free estimate, and we can discuss further. If I don't offer the service, I can put you in contact with a trustworthy colleague who does.

WordPress themes

There are two categories of themes in WordPress, existing themes (free or paid) and custom built themes.

Existing themes require an initial configuration/setup to get your site the way you want, and also require ongoing maintenance/upgrading as the theme developers release updates.

Custom themes are developed from a design (PSD or Sketch) that the client provides or from a selected, predesigned HTML template. Custom themes rarely require maintenance, usually only when major PHP or WordPress updates are made.

Routine Maintenance

Free and paid WordPress themes generally need routine maintenance to keep them up-to-date with the latest technology and to secure any discovered vulnerabilities.

Finding and fixing bugs

Themes break and there's almost no predicting or preventing it, especially when it comes to updating themes and plugins. I can help find and fix what is breaking your theme.

Existing theme setup

Found a theme you want to use for your site? I can help you get it setup and tweaked according to your needs.

Theme customization

Need a feature or a template added to your existing theme? Sometimes a feature can be added via an existing plugin and sometimes it needs to be custom developed.

Custom WordPress theme development

Have a PSD or Sketch design or a static HTML theme you'd like developed into a WordPress theme? I'm you're guy! I can even provide the design if you don't have one.

Routine Maintenance

Existing WordPress plugins, even more so than themes, need routine maintenance to keep them up-to-date and secure.


The more plugins you have activated on your website, the more likely they will conflict with each other at some point. Plugins, like themes, can also break from time to time with updates. I can debug these issues and get your site back up and running.

Plugin modifications

Sometimes you just need some functionality, styling or messaging tweaked in a plugin you are using on your site.

Custom WordPress plugin development

Can't find the functionality you need, or at least not with a bunch of extra stuff you don't need? Or do you have an idea for a plugin? I can help you develop a plugin with the exact functionality you need.

WordPress plugins

WordPress plugins offer a way to add functionality to your site separately from your theme. That way, you can keep your functionality intact and do a complete rebrand, for example.

Free or paid plugins will definitely need updated at least on a monthly basis to keep them working and your site secure.

Custom WordPress plugins typically don't need to be updated as frequently because they are unique to your site and quality assured, and the source code is not available for cyber crimals to review and find vulnerabilities.

Site Speed optimization

Website loading speed plays a critical role keeping visitors on your site. People will usually not wait around for a super slow site, especially when it's their first time visiting. A slow site can mean the difference between someone buying your product or service, or choosing your competition.

Site speed optimization is something that requires a good bit of testing and troubleshooting. It is much simpler when a site is using a custom theme. It is much more difficult for sites using free or paid themes.

I can help get your site speed optimized!

Image Resizing

Resizing images' dimensions to fit perfectly in each place they are used throughout the site, will help ensure your page is loading as fast as possible.

Lossless Image compression

Lossless image compression involves removing as much of an image's data as possible without losing any image quality. This is another key step to speeding up your website.

Minifying & Combining CSS & JS

Minifying and combining stylesheets and scripts help to make sure as few and as small of requests as possible are being made during page load.

Deferring External Scripts

Deferring the loading of external scripts ensures that your scripts do not get executed until the HTML has finished parsing.

Enabling & Configuring Caching

Enabling things like browser caching ensures that specified parts of your site are stored by your browser and don't need to be downloaded every time you visit.

Software Updates

Software typically gets more efficient with updates. That is certainly the case when it comes to things like PHP, MySQL and WordPress.

Domain Registration

Every domain name has to be registered somewhere. Don't go with a crumby domain registrar or they will cause nothing but heartache and stress.

Web Hosting

All hosting is not created equal, and while they might make a deal sound really good, you may be paying too much for things you don't need, or not enough and not getting what you do need.

Web, Logo and Graphic Design

A lot of people like to skip out on branding and web design, but in reality, your brand and corresponding website design can determine whether your business is taken seriously or not.


SEO and marketing is not something every company needs to invest in, but that depends on your business type and competition.

WordPress Themes & Plugins

Finding the right WordPress theme and plugins for your business idea can be daunting. There are so many options from so many sellers which makes this no easy task.

WordPress consultation

There are many questions that come up when planning a website project and lots of companies offering their services. But what services are right for you and your project?

I have been working in web development for the last several years and have tested a lot of the services being offered out there. I can talk with you about your project and help you determine the right services and products for your business needs.

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